Around the World Blog Hop

If you follow many other quilting blogs, you may have been noticing some posts mentioning an “around the world” blog hop.  I’ve seen a number myself and have enjoyed learning a bit more about each of my online quilting “friends”.  🙂  I was invited to join this fun blog hop by my “real life” quilting friend, Sarah of {no} hats in the house.  Yes, I have mentioned her and her awesome skills before, but if you are not familiar with her work, I highly suggest you check out her stop on the hop.  You will not leave uninspired…PROMISE! Okay, I should probably turn to the purpose of this blog hop…answering some not so easy questions about myself and my work: What am I working on? Currently I am working on a couple of projects that can’t be shared yet, but I am also finding time to make a few Swoon blocks!  I will be teaching a class on the Swoon

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