W.I.P. Wednesday {1.3.18}

Toward the end of 2017 I took a serious look at my WIP list and decided that I needed to knock those down and get them done!  So, in the midst of some other projects, I pulled out my Farmer’s Wife blocks and set down to start piecing again.  I’ll be honest, it’s a tedious project with all of the templates and tiny pieces to cut.  I’ve been a bit discouraged by it and finally made the decision that I do NOT in fact need to make all 111 blocks!  I can still make a beautiful quilt with 50 blocks instead 🙂

When I last shared my progress (in August) I had finished up to block 40 of 111.  I flipped through the remaining blocks in the book and chose 11 of my favorite blocks.  Here are the those finished blocks.

Block 41 – Friendship Star

FWQ Block 41

Block 42 – Fruit Basket

FWQ Block 42

Block 44 – Gentleman’s Fancy

FWQ Block 44

Block 50 – Honey’s Choice

FWQ Block 50

Block 51 – Hovering Birds

FWQ Block 51

Block 53 – Jackknife

FWQ Block 53

Block 59 – Night & Day (this one makes me a bit dizzy!)

FWQ Block 59

Block 63 – Ozark Maple Leaf

FWQ Block 63

Block 65 – Peaceful Hours

FWQ Block 65

Block 72 – Railroad

FWQ Block 72

Block 73 – Rainbow Flowers – I gave myself a break and ended with an easy block 🙂

FWQ Block 73

I ended up making 51 blocks total because I’m not happy with one of my prior blocks and wanted to replace it.   The below photo shows all of my blocks in the order I completed them.

Now I just need to determine the final layout, choose sashing and border fabrics, then this one will be closer to being marked off the WIP list!!

Wish me luck 🙂


9 thoughts on “W.I.P. Wednesday {1.3.18}

  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR AND GOOD FOR YOU! Your blocks look Lovely! Great job! And the quilt looks fantastic! What color sashing are you going to use?

  2. WOW – yours looks great — I did start my farmers wife quilt — I have 99 of the blocks done — not real happy with some of them – may or may not use them. I did pick up some border/sashing fabric to use — it is on my list for this year!!

  3. I am inspired to stop making all 111, as the fun has long been gone for this project. Keep us posted of how you layout your blocks for a finish please.

  4. I was working on a similar project. It was the Quilter’s Patch by Edyta Sitar. I finally decided I didn’t have to do ALL the blocks. I made the ones I wanted to, and arranged them to my liking. I quilt, because it brings me joy. So when I get tired of something, it’s time to move on to something that fulfills me more. After all, time is not unlimited and there’s so much to explore! I think your quilt will be beautiful at 50 blocks! Great work!

  5. Great job of stopping yourself and just working towards the finish. The dark gray that it’s sitting on is an interesting contrast. Have you thought about using a dark gray solid?

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