Kaleidoscope of Generations Quilt

A month or two ago, my amazing Mother gave me a bag of scrap fabrics that had pieces in it from four generations of women in my family.  She had used these scraps to make a quilt of her own and was now giving me what was left.  Can you say JACKPOT?!?!  How lucky am I that my family has held on to these precious pieces of fabric for so many years!  I added some scraps of my own to make this a FIVE GENERATION scrap quilt 🙂  It only took me a day or two to decide that I wanted to use a kaleidoscope pattern to bring these scrap fabrics to life.

Kaleidoscope of Five Generations Quilt

As I pulled the scraps out of the bag and started pressing and cutting, I realized that the love for polka dots and stripes runs deep in my blood.  We all love them!

Kaleidoscope of Five Generations Quilt

Another thing that happened as I was pressing the fabrics, my sewing studio started to smell like my Great Grandmother’s house.  And then the glorious memories of spending time there in the summer with my brothers came rushing back.  From feeding the ducks at the reservoir, going down the curly-q slide at the park, meeting her friends for lunch and then watching her beloved Reggie Miller and the Indiana Pacers at night.  I sure do miss her and this quilt will be a wonderful reminder of times I’ve spent with the ladies of my family.

Kaleidoscope of Five Generations Quilt

It’s fun to look at the scraps and figure out which generation they came from.  There are a lot of orange/brown combo prints that I know came from my Grandma.  My Mom had a funky red, white and blue print that she made into a jumper.  I’m certain she was very stylish in the 70’s 🙂  I was also able to recognize fabric from an apron, the corduroy used on so many things and my Great Grandmother’s curtains in the mix.

Kaleidoscope of Five Generations Quilt

Some of the scraps are timeless and difficult to tell what year they are from.  For example, my favorite might be that green and white print in the photo below.  It seems so modern to me, yet it is very old.  And do stripes or polka dots every go out of style?

Kaleidoscope of Five Generations Quilt

Unfortunately I didn’t have enough scraps to make a very large quilt, so I decided to make a wall-hanging instead.  The quilt top finishes at 25″ x 40″.

Kaleidoscope of Five Generations Quilt

Now to find the perfect backing and decide how to quilt this one.

Kaleidoscope of Five Generations Quilt

Do any of you have scraps from previous generations in your family that you’ve made into a quilt or something else?  If so, I’d love to hear about it!


17 thoughts on “Kaleidoscope of Generations Quilt

  1. I love the pattern you decided on to make this most wonderful quilt. I make scrappy quilts all the time, and I know what you mean with the smells that come from pressing the fabric. Nice job.

  2. My cousin gave me my grandmother’s scraps 2 years ago. When I went through them, there was one scrap from a dress I remembered vividly – this one was mine, I exclaimed! My cousin said no way, because she was with our grandmother when they picked out the fabric. That dress was worn by 5 granddaughters, and all of us remembered and loved it. It’s my task to make a small quilts for my cousins, my mom and my aunt. That dress scrap will be in each one. Thanks for reminding me! Yours is brilliant!

  3. The green and white print you love is similar in colour and pattern to some I have in a quilt from the mid to late 30’s. You’ve done a lovely job on it.

  4. Oh how I love your quilt!! how wonderful that all colors do indeed go together just like Mother nature intended. Could you give me the name of the pattern?

  5. A quilt with aroma therapy! When I made my memory quilt, running the steam iron over the fabrics would give a subtle hint of Grammas house with a hint of Grampa. It emotionally reinforced a strong, loving connection with family, even thought they are no longer with us, it gave me a sense they were right there with me. 🙂

  6. Wow, that’s a real treasure! I often think of my foremothers who loved to sew and quilt – man, they would have loved my rotary cutter! I think of them peeking over my shoulder as I longarm.

  7. I have fabric pieces that go back in my family for at least 5 generations. Am going to make a crazy quilt for my 11 year old granddaughter for her double bed. I recognize pieces from my grandparents pjs, dresses, aprons. Brings me back wonderful memories that bring tears to my eyes.

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