Sea Glass Stripes {a finished quilt!}

This quilt was a long time in the making.  If you recall, I started planning and cut my first fabrics for this quilt in September 2015!  I finally finished the quilt just before Christmas last year.  It was a wonderful Christmas present to myself 🙂  The weather around Christmas and after the first of the year didn’t cooperate for me to get any better photos (or any showing the entire quilt!).  I still managed to take a ton and am sharing a portion of them with you today.

Sea Glass Stripes quilt detail

The pattern is called Rainbow Rows and was designed by Lissa Alexander for American Patchwork & Quilting.  In fact, it was their APQ Quilt Along quilt for 2015.  I was a bit late in getting started, and ever later in finishing…but it was so worth it!  I adjusted Lissa’s pattern by making it large enough for our king sized bed and taking the pieced blocks all the way out to the edge without setting blocks.

Sea Glass Stripes quilt detail

The quilt is so huge, it’s almost impossible to get the entire thing in a photo.  The finished size is 102″ square containing a total of 6,249 1″ and 2″ squares.  No wonder it took me so long to finish!!  This was another one of those projects that I had to step away from every now and then to work on something with a quicker finish so I could get that feeling of accomplishment 🙂

Sea Glass Stripes Quilt and Modern Puzzle cushion

There are so many of my favorite fabrics in this quilt. I could just stare at it all day and not get tired.  In fact, I was a little sad when it finally came off of my design wall in the sewing room.  However, I’ve had it on our bed every moment since it was bound, so I not only walk by and enjoy it, I get to snuggle under it and enjoy it even more.

Sea Glass Stripes detail

I used wool batting for the first time on this quilt.  I know it seems a bit crazy given the fact that the quilt top by itself was possibly the heaviest in the world with all of those seams!  I was concerned about the weight of it all and decided to do minimal quilting to keep it lighter and also to avoid taking away from the quilt design itself.  I quilted organic wavy lines through the 2″ squares using the best blending Aurifil thread color ever…#2600 (light grey).  It really is so warm and a wonderful.

Sea Glass Stripes quilt detail

So many tiny squares…

Sea Glass Stripes quilt detail

This is clearly my favorite quilt finish to date and I can’t imagine anything topping it…but I have a feeling some day something will 🙂

Sea Glass Stripes Quilt and Modern Puzzle cushion

Hopefully once the weather turns toward spring I will be able to get some photos of the entire quilt in good lighting.  Until then, we’ll be sleeping soundly underneath its warmth.


21 thoughts on “Sea Glass Stripes {a finished quilt!}

  1. Bravo ! Great when perservance pays off, isn’t it? There’s ALWAYS another quilt/project waiting saying”pick me, me next” !

  2. Oh, Amanda – it turned out PERFECT!!! You did a wonderful job!! Congrats on the finish and may you have many, many nights of peaceful slumber under it!

    Your friend,

    Barbara McD

  3. How wonderful that you saw this project through to completion. I remember this quilt along in 2015. I knew it would be very daunting. But, you did it! Simply beautiful!

  4. Wowza! It turned out soooo beautifully! This is perfect timing for your finish, as your posts about the quilt’s beginning inspired a design that I’m working on for my grandmother, and you’ve motivated me to keep working in spite of the number of little squares. (Although I made it easier on myself by making my squares larger and the quilt larger than yours. I hope to share my own finish by March. Thanks so much for sharing!

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