W.I.P. Wednesday {12.07.16}

Something about winter weather really makes me want to sit at my sewing machine and create. ย It could also be the cold, wet and miserable weather we had this weekend that made me just want to stay inside and not leave the house! ย At any rate, I decided to pull out my Farmer’s Wife Quilt blocks and get some stitched up.

Block 24 – Country Path

FWQ - Block 24

Block 25 – Cups & Saucers

FWQ - Block 25

Block 26 – Cut Glass Dish

FWQ - Block 26

Block 27 – Darting Birds

FWQ - Block 27

Block 28 – Duck & Ducklings

FWQ - BLock 28

Block 29 – Economy

FWQ - Block 29

Block 30 – End of Day (very fitting as I finished this late Sunday evening and then headed straight to bed!)

FWQ - Block 30

When I think about how many hours I was sewing and only to have 7 completed blocks, it’s a little discouraging! ย But the finished product makes it all worth it. ย Some of these blocks have so many tiny pieces. ย The tiny triangle points about did me in!

I certainly like some blocks more than others, but I’d be hard pressed to pick an absolute favorite from this bunch. ย What do you think? ย Do you have a favorite?

If you’d like to see all of my Farmer’s Wife Quilt blocks to date, check out my Flickr album here.

I pieced one more block this weekend for a dearย friend’s 30th birthday quilt. ย Here is my contribution to David’s quilt. ย It is a foundation paper pieced block I found online called Indian Summer. ย We were asked to contribute a block of our choice that finishes at 9″. ย I can’t wait to see the quilt when it is completed!

Indian Summer Block for David's 30th Birthday Quilt

Now I’ll be stepping away from the Farmer’s Wife blocks for a bit again to hopefully finish my Sea Glass Stripes quilt. ย Lots more piecing to go…but thankfully no tricky triangle points!


4 thoughts on “W.I.P. Wednesday {12.07.16}

  1. I admire quilters like you who have the patience to work with such small pieces, resulting in absolutely magnificent blocks. All of yours are beautiful, though I do have a favorite: Block #25 Cups and Saucers.Great pattern combination. You’re amazing ,Amanda.

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