Modern Meadow Single Girl {a finished quilt!}

Guys, look! I have proof that I actually have been doing some sewing this summer ๐Ÿ™‚ย  If you follow me on Instagram, then you have seen some progress shots of this quilt over the past couple of months.

I purchased this as a W.I.P. from my online quilty friend Krista over 3 ยฝ years ago! ย The pattern is Single Girl by Denyse Schmidt.ย  Krista had a number of blocks done and almost all of the templates cut out for the rest of the blocks, but realized that she didnโ€™t have the time to finish it.ย  I LOVE the Modern Meadow line by Joel Dewberry and her mix of it with the charcoal gray seemed a perfect fit. ย I just had to have itโ€ฆbesides a lot of the hard work was done, so in my view it was a great deal.ย  When she sent it to me, I was busy on another project, so I tucked it away and that is where it has sat until this summer.

Here is the only photo I have of the full quilt (because you need two people to hold it up!). This was taken just after I finished the piecing.ย  Isnโ€™t it cool?

It's far from perfect, but I'm calling this quilt top DONE! Pattern is Single Girl by @dsquilts I acquired this WIP from @lolablueocean 3 1/2 years ago and finally started working on it last month. Now, do I pay someone to do some awesome quilting or sa

I was debating sending it out for some awesome custom quilting, but decided to save my money and quilt it myself instead. ย My plan was to do straight horizontal lines across the entire quilt.ย  When I started quilting it, I had issues where the circles met and the seams were so thick.ย  My machine just didnโ€™t want to go over them.ย  So, I changed to Plan B and avoided those seams altogether!

Modern Meadow Single girl quilting detail

I quilted horizontal lines every ยพโ€ inside each circle and vertical lines in the โ€œdiamondโ€ shapes created between the circles, leaving the pieced circles themselves unquilted. ย I love the texture of the straight lines and am hopeful that after it is washed and dried, I wonโ€™t regret leaving the circles without quilting.ย  But honestly, itโ€™s done and that is more important to me!

Modern Meadow Single Girl quilting

For the back I used Tula Pink’s Free Fall 108″ wide fabric that I purchased from Crimson Tate (they have it in so many pretty colors!)

Modern Meadow Single Girl quilt back

Once it was quilted, I had to figure out what fabric was used as the background (remember I purchased this forever ago) and buy more of it online for the binding. ย It arrived last week, I finished hand sewing it down last night and am ready to snuggle under it tonight while I sleep.

I have always admired the Single Girl quilts Iโ€™ve seen online thinking one day I would make one. ย Thanks to Krista, I finally have a beautiful version for my own bed.ย  I probably never would have made one (not king sized at least) if she wasnโ€™t selling her W.I.P., and I am so thankful that she did.

Modern Meadow Single Girl close up

Here it is on our bed. Now I need to make (or maybe just buy) some cool shams to go with it.

Modern Meadow Single Girl Quilt


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