4 Year Blogiversary {and a giveaway!!}

It’s hard to believe that it was 4 years ago when I started this blog.  I have gained a lot of new friendships and so much inspiration and knowledge along the way.  In an effort to celebrate this milestone and give back to you all who have given me so much support and love, I have decided to do a little giveaway!

Blog Anniversary Giveaway

I will send one lucky winner all 4 of my paper patterns along with a copy of the book 75 Fun Fat Quarter Quilts that includes more of my designs.

It seems that Instagram and other social media outlets have slowed down the quilting blogs, but I’m hoping to revive mine this summer.  Maybe a new quilt along would be fun.  Any special requests or ideas for a quilt along?  For a chance to win the book and patterns, please leave a comment with suggestions for a quilt along or anything else you would like to see here on the blog.  I will choose a winner on Friday, April 29th.

Thanks again for stopping by!


102 thoughts on “4 Year Blogiversary {and a giveaway!!}

  1. I like Gigi’s idea. I have a group of quilters doing the Layer Cake Sampler for a year. We are each making one block a month. It is so fun to see all of the different layer cakes made up into the sampler. Thanks for the posting! I really do enjoy your blog.

  2. Thanks for the giveaway, Amanda. You and your blog have been a great inspiration for me as I get more and more involved in quilting and loving – hoarding! – beautiful fabrics. A sampler quilt along would be lots of fun!

  3. I would love to be part of a quilt along. Having a short challenge every week during the summer gets me to my sewing room. I gifted three quilts that I have done in a quilt along. I’ve been hoping for one of the blogs I follow to have one. I’m in!

  4. Congrats on your anniversary! Being easily distracted by new fabric, new magazines, new patterns, bright shiny objects, etc. I don’t seem to be able to handle quilt alongs. But I’ll read along with you and admire.

  5. Yay! Glad to read that you are hoping to revitalize your blog a bit. I know it takes a lot more time than instagram (I am an infrequent blogger myself), but I love the more in-depth explanations that blogs accommodate.
    I’ve been eyeing your book for quite awhile now. Maybe a quilt-a-long of one of the projects would finally push into making the purchase. ;D

  6. QALs are my quilt ‘families’… The layer cake sampler was my 1st qal… I am now on my 6th… I am hooked and always can find time for another one!!! Congrats on your anniversary!

  7. Congratulations. I love quilt a longs and it is just fun to share on a facebook group page so we can see each others work. crystalbluern at tds dot net

  8. I’m a latecomer to your layer cake QAL, but it is so much fun to see everyone else’s take on the design and fabric choices. Thanks for all the hard work and planning you have done. I am always looking to learn new techniques, and a sampler quilt is never boring.

  9. I love your blog and patterns so anything you do would interest me as a QAL. Thank you for the chance to win the book and patterns.

  10. Congratulations! I would love a QAL using our stashes. We all have a large stash of fabric, I’m sure! Thanks for the giveaway.

  11. Congratulations of 4 years! Would love to join in on a QAL. Maybe something to use up all of the fat quarters that we seem to not be able to pass up. Or, one to use up all of those scraps we accumulate.

  12. Congrats on 4 years of your blog. I’ve been following you shortly after it started.. Your Aerial quilt is amazing! A quilt along in that flavor would be great! I’ve always admired the quilters of Gee’s Bend, and I would enjoy honoring them by making a quilt that I could proudly hang in my home, if it would be have as pretty as Aerial!
    P.S. I live in Avon too. Was so disappointed when I missed your meet and greet at Back Door Quilts😣

  13. The book looks fantastic! As a new quilter, I love a QAL for the inspiration, new skill set, and instant comradarie. Given the happenings of the past week, I think a QAL in a Prince/Purple Rain theme would be fun! (It wouldn’t have to be purple, it could be anything to fit into the following song themes: Let’s Go Crazy, The Beautiful Ones, Baby I’m A Star, etc.)

  14. Going through my giant stash in preparations for a stash sale, I find I have a ton of jelly rolls. I’d love a QAL that utilizes strips, whether from a jelly roll or our own stashes.

  15. Congratulations on your 4th anniversary, well done! I am working on your layer cake quilt along now and would love to see another quilt along w/ a pattern using pre-cuts.

  16. Congratulations! So great that you stuck with it even when you were bogged down, etc. Maybe some ideas on machine quilting?

  17. Congrats on 4 years, I have really enjoyed your blog and I did a QAL with you, I think it was a sampler!!! Love the idea of a fall or holiday one, get a jump start on a gift!!!

  18. Congratulations! I love reading your blog. I also love your Heading South quilt and would love to make one. I might be interested in a Quilt Along. Depends on the quilt. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  19. Congratulations on your 4th blogging anniversary!
    I’d love to do a QAL with you – especially on the Going South or Ripple patterns.

  20. Congratulations on 4 years! How about a QAL that includes a block each month for the holiday or theme that falls in that month!

  21. I would love to win these fantastic prizes. A QAL with summer-themed colours would be great – something fresh and summery!

  22. Four years! That is a streak worth celebrating! I am full upon projects right now–right through til Christmas, probably–but I’ll be delighted to read along and have something new to add to my list.

  23. Congratulations on 4 years! I prefer blogs to Facebook and don’t do Instagram. Glad to see you are reviving yours!

    I would love to see a quilt along on either a string quilt or spiderweb quilt. I have one on my someday list!

  24. So happy I found you- can’t wait to look around a bit. I haven’t tried a quilt along yet (I’m newish to quilting), but would love to– scrappy is always fun!

  25. Happy Four Years Blogiversary!!! Love your Blog..and would definitely love to be part of a Quilt-a-long! Would be alot of fun..

    Thank you too, for chance to win your Give-a-way! 😀

  26. Congrats Amanda and what a great giveaway! I’d love to participate in my very first QAL with you. A lot of Christmas fabric will be coming out soon. Maybe a holiday-themed QAL???

  27. Congrats on all you have achieved the last 4 years!!! I would love a quilt along of mini quilts! With suggestions of how to quilt them – I always get stuck on that and end up meandering.

  28. Congratulations on 4 years. That is worth celebrating. Do a quilt a long that you enjoy because it is a lot of work.

  29. Congratulations on reaching your 4th Anniversary! What a awesome milestone.

    I would also love to see a Quilt Along using BIG Pieces. One that can be given to an adult as a gift, that goes together very quickly.

  30. Amanda, How about some mini’quilts? Seasonal, cool colorway, warm palette, etc. I can dig into my scraps that away and maybe get near the bottom:) Happy 4th Material Girl!

  31. Happy blogiversary! You have been a wonderful inspiration these last 4 years! I agree that IG is slowing blogs down and I miss blogville too! A QAL would be great! Maybe something like a large version of the X block quilt!

  32. Happy Anniversary! Thanks for an inspiring blog! A QAL would be fun – maybe a small project involving a variety of techniques.

  33. I have noticed that many quilt blogs have slowed down but blogs are still the way I keep connected with other quilters. I love QAL’s and always learn from them. Anything scrappy would be fun for me.

  34. I have to be excited about a QAL to jump in and get involved. But my tastes are very eclectic, so I’m not constrained by any type. I suppose I’d like to be able to pick all of my own fabrics, make some fun blocks (i.e., no 250 flying geese to complete the mystery top!), and end up with something pretty!

  35. Congrats on 4 yrs of blogging! I would like to see a stash quiltalong, using the flying geese pattern. thanks for the chance to win.

  36. I’m so happy for you, Amanda! 4 yrs – can’t believe it!!! I still remember you telling Staci & I all about it. I look forward to more blogs, quilts and all of your talent! ❤️

  37. I am fairly new to quilting and have been so thankful for all the great blogs out there. I am hoping that blogs continue to be the “place to be” for quilting posts. Instagram has nice pictures, but the tutorials and what not are much more helpful to me.

  38. I know some people love them but I really don’t like mystery QALs. Cheryl from Meadow Mist Designs had a QAL recently and I loved that she made the mystery part optional – the best of both worlds.

  39. I always love a quilt along. I think it would be fun to choose a traditional block but make the quilt very modern either with the setting or fabric choices.

  40. What about a fabric swap of some sort? Always wanted to do that, yet I have never had the quilting buddies to get started. A quilt a long is also fun, that is how I found your blog!

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