W.I.P. Wednesday {8.26.15}

It may be late, but it’s still Wednesday and I just finished a quilt top that I can’t wait to share!

It all started with this pretty stack of Oakshotts…

Oakshott stack

That then turned into these long and skinny half rectangle triangles…

Oakshott blues planning

And now a finished baby quilt top 🙂

Oakshott baby blues

I’m not going to lie, I REALLY love this one (and kind of wish I didn’t have to give it away!).

Oakshott baby blues

In fact, as I was discussing with my friend, Sarah, I even calculated how big I could make it with all of my Oakshott fabrics in this color way to see if it was worth making bigger and keeping for myself (shameful I know!).  And since I could only do a smallish throw size, I decided I should keep with my plan to give it away to the soon to be born adorable baby boy. 🙂

Oakshott baby blues

As I’m sure you often feel, it’s not always easy giving our hard work away.  Sometimes they feel like our own babies, but I know it will be loved and treasured by the recipient and that makes it all worth it to me.

Thanks for stopping by,

10 thoughts on “W.I.P. Wednesday {8.26.15}

    • I love this quilt too!!! I am making a thin long table runner and was thinking that I’d like to keep it for myself instead of gifting it😏

  1. Really lovely colors! Whenever I give away a quilt (and especially when it goes to a family with a young kid), I think about all the fun I hope they will have with it and all the uses it may have – playmat, fort, snuggle blanket during movie night, on their bed to keep them warm during the winter.

  2. I love the colors and how they work with the design. For me, using only solid colors for a quilt always perks my attention. Love it!

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