W.I.P. Wednesday {6.24.15}

Boy, summer seems to just be flying by already!  We’ve been enjoying ourselves so far and even took a weekend trip to St. Louis last week for a Cardinals game, Anheuser Bush tour and visit to the City Museum.  If you are ever in St. Louis and have kids, I highly recommend the City Museum, it was fun for the whole family, but this was my sons favorite part of the trip.

Now for an update on what’s been happening in my sewing room.  If you follow Amanda Jean at Crazy Mom Quilts, then you know she has started at Scrap Vortex quilt along.  (You can see photos of some participants’ progress on Instagram by searching #scrapvortexqal).  Below is a photo of her first Scrap Vortex quilt that she completed in November 2013.  Isn’t it amazing?  You can find details of that quilt here.

scrap vortex 1

Since I have more scraps than any one person should have, I decided that I needed to quilt along.  My first step was to pull all of the smaller scrap pieces from my color sorted scrap bins. As you can see, I had a little helper for this chore. 🙂

My plans for the evening...sorting through a gazillion scraps to pull my smaller pieces and join @crazymomquilts in her step one of the #scrapvortexqal ❤️ I'm pretty sure I have enough for several quilts!!

Then I took the smaller scraps that I pulled to my sewing table and began step one (sewing two same/similar size scraps together into pairs).  I love scrap projects, but they sure do make a mess while you are working on them!!

Operation #scrapvortexqal in full swing over here ☺️ I love scrappy quilts, but they always make such a mess while putting them together!! @crazymomquilts

The next step was to sew pairs together.  Here is a photo of my first round from that step.

Some Scrap Vortex progress.  This should be very interesting to put all together whenever I decide to stop adding to it 😳😁 #scrapvortexqal #sewallthescraps #whenlifegivesyouscrapsmakeaquilt

And then I kept going…and after Step 3 (piecing together same/similar size sewn pairs), I now have quite a good amount of “blocks”.  My scraps aren’t as small as Amanda Jean’s but I didn’t really want to cut them down any more and then just create more scraps…so I went with what I had on hand.

Okay, I think I've made enough #scrapvortexqal blocks for the size quilt I want to make (and it doesn't look like I have any less scraps!). Can't wait for Wednesday to see what @crazymomquilts has us doing next 😊 #whenlifegivesyouscrapsmakeaquilt

I think this is where I’m going to stop for my quilt.  I’m hoping it will end up being a good lap/throw size.  Now I can’t wait to read Amanda Jean’s post today to see what we do next!!

Are you participating in any quilt alongs this summer?  If so, I’d love to hear what they are (like I need anything else to add to my “must make” list!).


12 thoughts on “W.I.P. Wednesday {6.24.15}

  1. this is such an awesome idea and what a great outcome! I usually keep scraps but have been guilty of binning them recently – i may just have to start sewing them all together!!

  2. It looks great! I’m sewing along too but I’m a new quilter and don’t think I’m gonna have enough scraps. Keep your fingers crossed!

  3. I would call that an organized scrap quilt! And what can you tell us about your
    display board? and that runner to the left? all very interesting

    • Thanks Mar Ann! My design wall is made up of two (trimmed down) insulation boards from the local building supply store simply covered with gray flannel. It works so perfectly for me and I love the size. The runner you mentioned is yet another WIP that I have to complete. It’s a design my son came up with a couple of years ago. 🙂

  4. What a great project. Someday…I really don’t have that many scraps, and I have lots of sewing projects already. And besides, it’s golf season so I don’t spend all that much time in my sewing room. Thanks for sharing. I’ve seen Crazy Mom Quilts QAL; yours is the first I’ve seen besides hers.

  5. Hi there Amanda,
    Just love getting your informative blog in my mail box! A Scrap Vortex has been on my to-do list ever since I got Amanda Jean’s book for Christmas 2013!
    If you happen to be looking for another quilt-a-long, I am having one on my blog, “Quilt, sew Happy!”. It is called “Country Village QAL” and is a quilt block that I designed. You only need 25 of these large blocks to make a large queen-sized quilt. Nine blocks would make a generous lap quilt.
    Come on over and have a look! You can find Parts 1-4 under the Country Village QAL tab.
    Quilty Huggs,

  6. I live in the STL area and agree that visiting the City Museum is a must for people who have kids. I’m delighted that you and your family made it to a Cardinals game! As for QALs, I have been involved in the Farmer’s Wife Sampler Quilt Along and will continue until I complete all 111 blocks. Blocks are posted weekly for members to complete. Thus far, I have 44 finished! I’ve been following your progress on FWQS blocks on Instagram. Love you red and white blocks. They are so classic and will make a gorgeous quilt.

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