How to use a seam ripper {mind blowing – I promise}

Okay, I know you are looking at the title and thinking, really?!?  Do we need a lesson in how to use a seam ripper?  Well, apparently I did!  When I watched this video, it seriously BLEW MY MIND.  Check it out here.


This is truly life changing for a quilter!  I just had to post a link to the video and share with all of you in case you were like me.  Now ripping out seams doesn’t seem so daunting 🙂

Happy Friday friends!


14 thoughts on “How to use a seam ripper {mind blowing – I promise}

  1. Yea – I scrolled down and saw the video. Great info – and I was ripping incorrectly. I’m off to my machine to sew a seam and then rip it! Thank you for your fast response to my comment, and for bringing us this information.

  2. I had to laugh at her comment to not use the same seam ripper that you’ve had since Jr. High school home ec……GUILTY!!! I also still have my old pin cushion (which is not politically correct now–it’s one of the old multi color ones with the little budda guys around the edge). Time for an upgrade I guess!!

  3. Wow! so cool. I have the brass stiletto….looks like I need to add the matching seam ripper to my “good presents for Mom” list!

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