W.I.P. Wednesday {12.24.14}

I’m back this week with another W.I.P. Wednesday.  After setting aside my first batch of Farmer’s Wife blocks, I pulled out my Swoon quilt that was started in early fall.  I had 5 blocks done and I want to make a total of 12 so that it fits nicely on our king sized bed.

Here is block 6:

Nine weeks later Swoon block no. 6 is finally done ❤️❤️ now what are the odds I can get 6 more done before the end of the year 😁 #persimmonswoon #thimbleblossoms #showmethemoda

Block 7:

Swoon block no. 7 done! 💙 #persimmonswoon #thimbleblossoms #showmethemoda

Block 8:

Swoon block no. 8 done...now 4 to go. 😊It's getting harder to pick a favorite!

Block 9:

Swoon block 9

And just like that, a new favorite…Block 10:

Swoon block 10 I’m really hoping to get these turned into a finished quilt top before the end of the year…wish me luck!!



5 thoughts on “W.I.P. Wednesday {12.24.14}

  1. Good Luck! Can’t wait to see it complete. I really like block 9 🙂 and all the colors/fabrics you selected are beautiful!

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