Farmer’s Wife Quilt {the start of a new obsession}

If you’ve been around the quilting world or followed many quilting blogs for awhile, then you’ve certainly heard of the Farmer’s Wife Sampler Quilt.  The inspiration behind this quilt (designed by author Laurie Aaron Hird) are letters written in 1922 in response to this question posed by The Farmer’s Wife magazine:  “If you had a daughter of marriageable age, would you, in light of your own experience, have her marry a farmer?”  The magazine received 7,000 letters, the best of which are included in the book, along with the quilt blocks they inspired.

I have seen so many beautiful versions of the Farmer’s Wife Sampler Quilt and admired them for years.  Fabric choice has held me back until I decided a few months ago that I wanted to make my sampler in all red and white fabrics.  So, the fabric collection began.  If I was out and happened across any red and white fat quarters, etc., I picked them up.  Wednesday night I was putting a new fat quarter into my red and white stash and realized there was no room left in this bin.

farmer's wife book and stashI took that as a clue that I needed to get started on my blocks!  I pulled fabrics for the first 7 or 8 blocks on Wednesday and then Thursday night I set out to make the first two.

Here is block #1 – Attic Windows.  LOVE!

FWQ Block 1

Block #2 – Autumn Tints – now I realize that these things are crazy addictive!!  So, I made a couple more 🙂FWQ Block 2

Block #3 – Basket – I’m not good at applique and knew that if I did needle turn I would never finish this block, so I quickly machine appliqued it to get it done.FMQ Block 3Block #4 – Basket Weave – I don’t know if I can pick a favorite!

FWQ Block 4


That’s 4 done and only 107 to go…oh my!  Wish me luck.  Maybe by this time next year I’ll have them all done.


43 thoughts on “Farmer’s Wife Quilt {the start of a new obsession}

      • These blocks are from a book called ‘Farmer’s Wife Sampler Quilt’ by Laurie Hird which is in the picture with her red fat quarters. The book includes patterns for many different blocks; normally I’ve only seen them done in scrappy fabrics.

  1. Red is one of my favourite colors. These blocks are wonderful – can’t wait to see the rest . Good Luck, and keep us posted. P

  2. Sorry, I meant small color theme – two colors. All quilts have a color theme. It must be too early to respond. Let’s just say – I love it and I love it in red and white!!

  3. Wishing you all of the creative luck I can muster in your quilt journey. I have not been inspired to make this quilt but applaud and admire those who do. Looking forward to seeing what you create.

    • Mary, I almost had heart failure when I saw the picture of your pretty kitty. At first glance she looks just like my sweet Missy that I lost 2 years ago, but mine had a black smudge on her nose. Other than that they were identical. What a cutie you have,

  4. You are saying Red and White but the pics look like Red and Cream. Can you elaborate. I have had the project in my Bucket List for ages. good luck with yours.

  5. Two of my friends made this quilt and shared all on their blogs. You might want to visit and read up on her experience. She found errors in the book – in block instructions – contacted the author, and worked out the changes that needed to be made. Maybe there’s an errata page you need to check out. Have fun doing this! It’s much too big of a project for me.

  6. Enjoy the addiction! I am taking classes for the FWS and am working on the 80th or so block. I still love picking the fabrics for each block. Your is looking beautiful so far.

  7. Your blocks are beautiful. I don’t know the story behind the quilt and am so glad you shared. I was raised on a farm and believe it is the best life for children. I have been toying with the idea of doing this quilt too! It rally like you idea of a two colored version. I’ll be looking forward to seeing your next installment of blocks.

  8. So smart to figure out fabrics first and a timeless combination at that! I have 46 blocks done and cannot stand the fabrics I used anymore :). Can’t wait to see more blocks

  9. Me encanta el bloque de los círculos y creo que voy hacer una colcha con ese padron. Soy una amante de tus trabajos!!! Siempre que tengo que hacer algo nuevo vengo hechar un ojo a tu blog. También me gusta decorar muebles y te dejo aqui mi blog

  10. I have been playing with the thought of making a quilt, for many years. What stopped me was the colors,patterns and putting them together. I’m not good with pulling this color out of that print and so on. But the idea of pick out prints with two colors sounds so much easier. I can do that.

  11. I have not heard of this quilt sampler. I love purple… So would love to try one with purple… Not sure if I would choose white, yellow, or teal with it. I will have to find the book. Thank you.

  12. Love this! I am a complete newbie to quilting, but will have to add this one to my list to try one day. Look forward to seeing more blocks as you do them! 😊

  13. I started this quilt about 2 years ago. Mine is scrappy type. I have a large stash. So the choice of fabric for each block can be daunting.
    Then I come across someone else’s inspiration and I’m reinvigorated with new ideas!

  14. Just ran across your post and love these colors! I have been looking through so many quilting blogs, trying to build my nerve to begin quilting, and I have to say, this got my attention! Think I might be ready to start a project.

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