W.I.P. Wednesday {9.3.14}

Do you remember this pretty fabric stack that I showed you two months ago?

Scout fabric pull

It was for a wedding quilt and after I selected these fabrics, the mother of the bride suggested I make a quilt for the young couple using neutrals…uh, well…I kind of had a different plan.  She was super sweet and said that she was sure they would love whatever I did because I made it, so I stuck with my original fabric pull.  And, I have finally been able to make it into a new quilt top!!

Scout quilt top

The pattern I used is Scout by Cluck Cluck Sew.  It’s a really great pattern, well written with wonderful illustrations.  The strip piecing method helps to make the top come together pretty quickly too.  Over the long holiday weekend I was able to get this baby loaded onto the longarm and quilt it.

Scout quilting


I’m still not the “smoothest” at free motion quilting (clearly not the straightest of lines here!), but I’m hoping the overall effect once it is done, washed and dried will be great texture.  I used a Moda Cross Weave fabric for the back and LOVE it!  It shows the quilting really well and it feels kind of luxurious too which is a bonus 🙂

Scout back


Now I just need to pick out the binding and get it finished!


14 thoughts on “W.I.P. Wednesday {9.3.14}

  1. Looks great! Lovely colours you chose for that pattern. I struggle with FMQ as well. They say practise practise!
    Yours looks lovely. It complements the pattern

  2. Love the quilt! Your colours and fabrics really suit the quilt too design. I am critical if my own fmq too. We can only improve with practice. I really wouldn’t have noticed yr slightly wobbly lines if you hadn’t pointed them out.

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