Hazel and the Hedgehogs {a finished quilt!}

Let me introduce you to Hazel and the Hedgehogs 🙂  This is without a doubt the cutest quilt I have EVER made!!

Hazel and the Hedgehogs

This quilt is for a dear friend who is expecting her first baby soon.  The gender is a surprise and when I saw Elizabeth Hartman’s new quilt pattern (found here), I just knew what I had to make.

Hazel and the Hedgehogs

I pieced it last weekend and fell more and more in love with these little hedgehogs as I kept sewing.  The first one I pieced, I’m calling Hazel.  She’s in the center of the quilt and I didn’t even realize until after I was finished with her that I swapped her two center “spikes”!  (Actually, I didn’t realize until someone on Instagram pointed it out to me!!)  Of course I was not going to unpick her, so instead she has a funky little hairdo 🙂Hazel and the Hedgehogs

My boys and I decided that she’s the lead singer of her punk rock band named “Hazel and the Hedgehogs”.  She takes center stage in the quilt and I think it’s just perfect that way.  

I did simple straight line quilting every inch using Aurifil 50wt. 2600.  I didn’t want the quilting to take away from these cuties and wanted it to be soft and snuggly for baby 🙂Hazel and the Hedgehogs

One of the best things about this quilt is that all of the fabric used in the hedgehogs were pulled from my scrap bins.  It always feels good to use up some scraps.  I also found this sweet DS Quilts print that was just the right size for the back.  No piecing needed!  I have to admit, I love how it looks with the charcoal binding too.

Hazel and the Hedgehogs

Hopefully baby will love this quilt as much as I do, because it is honestly a little hard to part with because it just makes me happy 🙂Hazel and the HedgehogsThanks so much for stopping by,


35 thoughts on “Hazel and the Hedgehogs {a finished quilt!}

  1. I love this quilt! I am thinking about buying the pattern but am hesitant because it looks like it will take a long time to piece. Was it fairly quick?

  2. Hazel and the hedgehogs. So sweet. You might have to make one for yourself. Some quilts are hard to part with, I’ve only made lap size or fractionally smaller ones and give them to family and friends. Some just on the spur of the moment . But keep a few lovely fabric favourites for my self.

  3. I’ve been trying to resist the hedgies, but after seeing this i’m realizing that resistance is futile. I should probably just go buy the pattern now 😉
    Super cute! And Hazel is awesome!

  4. I will never think of hedgehogs the same way again. THIS MAKES ME SMILE! So very cute. Great job – love all the fabric choices.

  5. I am absolutely in love with this little quilt. I don’t know how you could possibly give it away. Is this a new pattern of yours? I really am thinking about getting it. I think this would work equally well for a boy or girl, baby or even up to older ages, depending on the fabric. I think I would even like it on my bed, it would look great in some modern fabrics too. cdahlgren at live dot com.

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