Happy Geese {a finished quilt!!}

It’s finally done…my Happy Geese is quilted and bound!!  [Edit – you can purchase the pattern for this quilt here or here]

Happy Geese


I am thrilled with the way it turned out, even if it did seem to take forever to quilt it.  I used my go-to Aurifil 50 wt. 2021 and quilted radiating circles a bit off center.  The deceiving thing about quilting these circles on a rectangular quilt, was that once I reached an edge, it felt like I must have accomplished a lot…however in reality I was maybe 1/3 of the way done!

Happy Geese quilting


I agree with my mom that the circles really seem to give the quilt a lot of movement.  I love the overall effect it created, and will most likely do this again, but probably on a much smaller quilt next time 🙂

Happy Geese quilting


My circles aren’t the smoothest, especially toward the center.  It’s not easy to keep them smooth while you are shoving your quilt through your machine, but it really did get much simpler as I went out.  Then I had to make sure I held up the weight of the quilt top so that it wasn’t pulling down as I was trying to stitch.  Clearly it was worth the work.  And look at the perfect backing…this quilt truly does make me happy 🙂

Happy Geese back

Now I get to share it with my class on Wednesday and not feel so bad about giving them homework!



27 thoughts on “Happy Geese {a finished quilt!!}

  1. You did a great job quilting those circles! And, I love the flying geese. I am making some also, but a different block, called Flying Dutchman using my purple and yellow stash.

  2. What an amazing accomplishment! Your quilting is terrific! I made one and quilted inside the hst’s. That was a lot of work. Your quilting is really wonderful. Congrats on that quilt!

  3. I love this quilt! The juxtaposition of the hard angles in the geese with the curves in the quilting is perfect.

    I quilted one in concentric circles like this and man…it’s a struggle, but so, so worth it!!

    Great job!

  4. Love it…both the fabric combinations front and back, but especially the circles. did you use a walking foot, or freehand?

  5. Looks great! The spirals do really make the pattern seem to swirl around, especially as I scroll down my iPad.

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