Domino Quilt Block {a tutorial}

I have recently joined an amazing group of local quilters for our own “sewing bee”.  We met for the first time last month and came up with a challenge to create a block inspired by a photo for the next month.  The only requirement for the blocks was that the finished measurement be in 3″ increments (i.e. 3″, 6″, 9″, 12″, 15″, etc.).  After weeks of browsing Pinterest, an inspiration photo was finally selected…

Pinterest photo

Isn’t it great?  My schedule was pretty jam packed when it came time to make the block, so I decided to go a simple piecing route.  I had originally envisioned lots of tiny strips sewn together similar to the siding, but that just wasn’t going to happen with my schedule.  So, I decided to go with this block instead, the Domino quilt block.

Domino Quilt Block Tutorial

This block finishes at 12″ and is very simple to assemble.

Cutting instructions:

Orange Fabric = Two – 2 ½” squares and Six – 2 ½” x 4 ½” rectangles

Medium Blue Fabric = Eight – 2 ½” squares

Dark Blue Fabric = Four – 2 ½” squares

Gray Fabric = Two – 2 ½” squares and Two – 4 ½” squares


The block will be pieced into four sections and then sewn together.  The first section will use 4 medium blue squares, 2 dark blue squares, 1 orange square and 1 orange rectangle.  Piece the squares and rectangles into rows as shown in the photo below.  Press your seams in opposite directions per row.

Section 1 rows

Now that your rows are pieced, sew them together into a completed Section 1.  Repeat to create two.

Section 1

The second section will use 2 orange rectangles, 1 large gray square and 1 small gray square.  Piece the squares and rectangles into rows as shown below and press toward the orange.

Section 2 rows

Now that your rows are completed, sew them together into a completed Section 2.  Repeat to create two.

Section 2

Now that you have four completed sections (Two – Section 1 and Two – Section 2), lay them out as shown below and sew together.

Block sections

Your block should now measure 12 1/2″ square.

Domino block

Below are a few different quilt layouts using this block.

Domino layout 1

Domino layout 2

Domino layout 3

I love them all and can imagine them in a variety of different color palettes.

Now for the best part…take a peek at the other blocks created by my bee members.

Block collection

This pile is missing a block, but I can’t wait to see what the super talented Lindsay creates when she puts them all together!  And isn’t it amazing how the color palette allows all of these very different blocks to just blend together?!

I’m so glad I joined this group, I can already tell that they will inspire me with their creativity and push me to learn new things.

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10 thoughts on “Domino Quilt Block {a tutorial}

  1. love love… was just at a beauty trade show with my BFF, she says.. see the pattern in the carpet?? uh no.. but now that you mention it…. so I’m now looking for patterns.. everywhere… even standing on line in the bathroom. the tiles on the wall, so I snap a pic (oh my why do you think that lady is taking pics in the ladies room????)

  2. That is ONE of the best things about quilting with friends…gets those creative juices flowing. I love the photo and the blocks. Your first design layout is really nice. I might have to do something with this block. Great job! Thanks for the tutorial – love those.

  3. I love the block you created with the colors. You can never go wrong with orange and blue 🙂 Is there a difference between the second and third layout? I just can’t see it. I like both of them a lot. Thank you for the great tutorial! Your bee colleagues’ blocks look very cool!

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