W.I.P. Wednesday {5.21.14}

It’s Wednesday and the day after my local guild meeting, so it’s time to check in on my 10-in-10 list and see what UFO I have to complete by next month.  The number that was drawn last night was 2 and on my list that is my KING sized Jacob Ladder’s quilt that I made for our bed approximately 2 years ago.  It has sat this long because I have no idea how to quilt it.  I was planning to send it off to be quilted, but still couldn’t decide on a quilting pattern and put it away to sit…so I pulled it out of my WIP storage bin and here is a little peek of the top.

Jacob's ladder quilt top

It’s truly huge (and now all wrinkled) so a decent photo will have to wait.  I have to get it quilted and bound by our meeting in June, so wish me luck!

In other fun sewing news, my Instagram friend, Sara Cecil (who also makes awesome quilt ladders!!), started an “Adorn Along” last week using Camille Roskelley‘s super cute Adorn quilt pattern from her latest book Simply Retro.

Adorn image from Simply Retro

I have had this book and a list of “must makes” from it for a long time now.  So, when I saw this quilt along, I just had to join in.  On Sunday afternoon I whipped up my own version of this fun scrap busting quilt.  It is a very satisfying little project to use with scraps.  I probably spent more time pulling (and then cleaning up) my scraps than I did putting the quilt top together!

Adorn quilt top


Hopefully I’ll have this quilted and bound by next week as I continue to ponder the quilting on my Jacob’s ladder.  By the way…quilting suggestions are always welcome!

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15 thoughts on “W.I.P. Wednesday {5.21.14}

  1. I really need to get a copy of Simply Retro…I see so many fun projects around the blog world from this book! I love that your version of Adorn has such rich colors. I find I am really drawn to jewel tones like these.

  2. Seeing you pull these UFOs out each month and get them finished up, has been so inspiring! Thank you for always sharing them with us. 🙂

  3. I love all things Camille, lol, and have several must makes in that book as well. Now I just need time 🙂 Love your Adorn! Super cute!

  4. I send my big quilts to my long armer and say you’ll know what quilting will look good! Haha, not very helpful am I? Honestly though, they have experience in knowing what quilting designs look good on what sort of tops, and we pay them for their experience and knowledge as well as time. They should be able to help you narrow down the choices and then it’s easier for you to pick one. Your Adorn quilt is cute.

  5. Thank you for your posts, I love this little quilt, then going back to an earlier post I see your idea came from Camille Roskelley’s Books. I just received a copy and didn’t even notice that pattern but you can be assured it’s my next project(s). What great gifts they’ll make.

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