Layer Cake Sampler QAL Week 9 {Blocks 17 & 18}

Happy Friday!  Guys, we are getting so close to having all of the blocks done for this quilt!!  Your progress continues to impress me.  Check out our group on Flickr and the hashtag #layercakesamplerqal on Instagram to see all of the gorgeous blocks created so far.

Now it is time to share this weeks’ blocks (and if you need to review the block piecing instructions, just click here.).

Block 17:

Block 17

I switched this one up a little bit from my last Sampler quilt and like how it turned out.  Below are a few layout options.

Block 17 - 1    Block 17 - 3    Block 17 - 2


Block 18:

Block 18

I switched this one up as well…and wow what a different look it creates.  Check out the options and how they seem like completely different blocks.

Block 18 - 2    Block 18 - 1    Block 18 - 3


Again, thanks for quilting along and I’ll be back here next Friday with our LAST BLOCKS 19 and 20!!!


6 thoughts on “Layer Cake Sampler QAL Week 9 {Blocks 17 & 18}

  1. Thank you Amanda for sharing your talent and your time showing us how to make this lovely quilt and the alternative blocks.

  2. Still enjoying this SO much. And to think we will have a quilt when it is done. Doesn’t seem to take so much effort when done a little at a time. Appreciate your time and effort.

  3. This has been the BEST quilt a long, appreciate your creativity and willingness to share with us!!! Who knew you could do so much with 2 layer cakes!!! Very ingenious and fun!

  4. Amanda, what is the trick to not getting the HSTs all out of kilter from the bias cuts? This seems to be an ongoing issue for me.. I bought some spray starch today (and forgot to buy sweet & low because I was so fixated on getting the starch!), but I probably should have done that before I sewed them together and cut them? I’m up to opening pressing and squaring for 17 & 18

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