Shamrocks table topper {a finished quilt!}

Happy March!  I know the calendar says it is March, but here in Indiana, it certainly doesn’t feel like it.  This seems like the longest winter EVER (more snow again the last couple of days)!  I am in serious need of spring.  So, when I saw Kelly’s shamrock block that she turned into a pillow, I was completely inspired and just had to make a table topper for myself.

I didn’t have a patten, I was just trying to copy from her photographs.  I had one plan, but with a bit of trial and error changed it to end up with this.

Shamrock table topper

It was so fun to pull out the scrap bin (and a couple of fat quarters) and find some pretty greens for my shamrocks.  As you can see…I probably still have enough green scraps that I could have made an entire throw quilt of these!  Oh well, they’ll be ready for my next scrap project instead.  What I really needed was something cheery for our coffee table to help me get over the winter blahs.


 Below is a photo of one of the shamrock blocks.  I shortened the stems on my blocks because I wanted them all to come together in the center, but didn’t want them touching.

Shamrock block

I love the effect that extra space creates between the shamrocks.  I also love the way the quilting gives the whole thing movement.  I used Aurifil 50 wt. #2886 which is a light green that also blended lovely with the background.  The wavy lines were created by stretching out the zig zag stitch on my machine.  Fast, easy and very effective!

shamrock quilting

When I finished this quilt and placed it on the table, it really did lift my spirits.  It may not feel or look like spring outside, but at least I was able to bring a bit of it inside our home.

shamrock quilting

My table topper finished up at 20 1/2″ square.  Each block finishes at 10″.  I think Kelly’s block was 18″ and made a perfect pillow.

Shamrock table topper

So, what are you doing to help get over your bad weather hump?  (cold or hot…I know I have followers who are dealing with both!)


12 thoughts on “Shamrocks table topper {a finished quilt!}

  1. Very cute! Can’t complain about the weather, it’s 78, sunny and no humidity. I’ve lived here in Florida for 13 years and think March is the best month!

  2. Your table topper is very cute! St Patrick’s Day seems be forgotten in my home décor so this topper would be perfect to bring in a “bit o’ the green.” Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Very cute and I love your quilting tip. Now if someone would just gift you with a little pot of gold (or mini Reese cups) in the center, it would be complete (ha).

  4. A project without a pattern? those are the best projects! Yes, just stare at someone’s creation and be inspired to make your own. I love it!

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