W.I.P. Wednesday {1.15.13}

The snow has started to melt away around here and we are back to our normal routine.  I can’t remember a time when schools were closed for an entire week!  We are all glad to be back at school and work (and I have an even deeper respect for stay at home moms!!)

I was able to piece the last two Swoon blocks in the evenings.

Block 8
Swoon block 8

Block 9
Swoon block 9

And this weekend (after much deliberation on the layout) I pieced together my first quilt top of 2014!  This isn’t the best photo because it was dark outside when I finally finished and it’s not easy to get a full shot of this big guy.

Swoon quilt top

What are you working on during these cold weather days?


11 thoughts on “W.I.P. Wednesday {1.15.13}

  1. Those blocks are lovely! Good fabric choices. What are we doing these cold days you ask! We have a record breaking heat wave with 46C today and many fires raging in the state. Air con on and busy quilting a UFO!!

  2. I love the red block especially – it just pops. Beautiful quilt. I, too, want to make a swoon quilt soon – deciding on fabrics is the hard part.
    I’ve been working on gift quilts so far this month.

  3. Wow Amanda,
    you are really an inspiration. If only I could do all that piecing! You are soo lucky to have snow. Here we haven’t had anything real at my level 500 metres above sea level. So I have only been able to see it from a distance.

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