Bermuda Triangle {a finished quilt!!}

Happy Labor Day to those of you in the United States!  Today I am here to share Bermuda Triangle, my latest finish.  The colors of this one remind me of the sea, so I thought that name would fit perfectly 🙂

Bermuda triangle quilt

I have to admit, I was terrified of quilting this one because I loved it so much and didn’t want to screw it up!!


I debated on how to quilt it FOREVER!  I pulled my threads out as shown in my last post.  And that’s when it hit me, I would use all 5 of these awesome colors and just do organic wavy lines, no marking or planning, just wing it.

Couldn't decide on a color, so I guess I'll have to use all of them  @alexveronelli #aurifil
Below you can see the different colored threads a bit better.  I used Aurifil 50wt in 5006, 4182, 2600, 1148 and 2625 (in order as photographed above).

bermuda triangle quilting2

It was a lot of fun to do the quilting and see it progress.  I started with one color and made wavy lines all the way down the quilt and then picked another color, and started over doing the same thing until I was done with all 5 colors of thread.

bermuda triangle quilting

This quilt is probably my current favorite. I LOVE the colors and am very happy with how it all turned out in the end.

Bermuda triangle on fence

Quilt stats:

Size: approximately 51″ x 70″
Fabrics on front: 8 various solids (Kona and Bella)
Backing fabric: Wrenly by Valorie Wells
Binding fabric: Bella by Lotta Jansdotter

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54 thoughts on “Bermuda Triangle {a finished quilt!!}

  1. I love your quilt. And the name is perfect. Did you quilt it on a home machine or on a long arm? I want to do more quilting on my home machine but really need some practice.

  2. I adore this quilt! I have made a triangle quilt – so I know its simple beauty. But you went above and beyond with your thread choices and quilting – this is just really really special! (Hope it’s ok I shared on my AQT fb page…)

  3. Fabulous quilt, love the quilting. I’ve got several quilt tops in the cupboard waiting to be quilting as I can’t decide on how to quilt them, I quite fancy fmq but scared of ruining them!!

  4. I’ve just put together a quilt top in these colors with the “breakers” batik collection in a braid pattern. I was wondering how to quilt this pattern & you gave me the perfect solution! And the Wrenly collection would work well for the back (the cobalt dandelions) and I could use the Wrenly Christmas rosettes for the binding! Thank YOU!!!

  5. I often wonder why the ‘Bermuda Triangle’ is never in the news these day. Don’t things disappear there anymore? Love the idea of using the different quilting colours like that.

  6. Oh, this is gorgeous! 🙂 I love the colors and the quilting. I’ve been thinking of doing an equilateral triangle for awhile now–they are so lovely when done! 🙂

  7. This is awesome!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the colors!! Good job on the quilting too, never thought to do wavy on a quilt like this. I made one for my new nephew like this, just different colors. Awesome job!!

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