Quick quilted pillow cover

I was in desperate need to make (and finish) a quick quilted project.  I decided to make another pillow cover, yes another one!  This one was to cover one of our super comfy brown corduroy pillows on the couch.  We love them, but our couch is brown too, and they are just a bit too boring!

quick quilted pillow cover

I found this beautiful fabric in my stash.  I’m not exactly sure what it is, but the selvage says “Studio E Fabrics”.  I cut the front to size and quilted it with straight lines about every 1/2″ (I just followed the edge of my walking foot).  I used the same Aurifil thread that I did on the Swoon cushion (50 wt. #2805).  I think this is my absolute favorite color thread and I’ve used it a lot!

cushion quilting

And as for the zipper cover, check out how well this DS Quilts print from JoAnn Stores matches!  It’s like they were made for each other 🙂

pillow cover back

Doesn’t my new cushion play so well with my Swoon cushion?  I just love them both together.

quilted couch cushions

So, what type of project do you go to when you need a quick finish?


10 thoughts on “Quick quilted pillow cover

  1. These two pillows do play well together. This post is perfect timing too. I like the way you choose to quilt both pillows. I’ve got a couple of projects that are about to be quilted, and I’ve been trying to figure out how I’m going to do it. I’m feeling more inspired now…gotta go recheck how you did the swoon cushion…

  2. I just did the exact same thing when I needed a quick cover for the pillow in my living room that is still waiting for a new cover. It totally clashed with the other (new) pillows I had just made, so I quilted a solid piece of fabric with straight lines, just like yours! It is such a quick fix, but the quilting really adds a nice touch and makes it look so much nicer. Your fabrics are lovely, too!

  3. Pretty pillows and great fabric. Sometimes it is amazing how beautiful simplicity can be and have a wow factor! the line quilting on pretty fabric definitely fits that category. I recognized the Denise Schmidt orange plaid fabric on the strip on the back of the fabric. I used it to make an apron for one of my Raggedy Ann dolls and I am going to make Andy’s shirt from it too. Anyways, the pillows do brighten up your sofa.

  4. I have been trying to make time to sew some pillow covers for my couch. Your pillow is beautiful with that fabric and the quliting makes the print pop. LOVE it!

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