Batik Strips {a finished quilt!}

I am a bit embarrassed to share this quilt with you today because if you’ve been following my blog from the beginning, you know that I finished quilting it A FULL YEAR AGO!  (Okay, technically 1 year and 15 days ago ;-))  Shameful!  I really have no good excuse for not getting the binding on this quilt until now, but I’m so happy that I FINALLY did it.

Batik strips

This quilt was pieced using the 1600 inch quilt method for jelly rolls or strips sets.  You can learn all about it here.

Batik Strips front

The fabric strip set that I chose is by Timeless Treasures and since it has been so long, I can’t remember what the name of the set was called.  I don’t believe they make it any longer.  I was thinking when the latest batik jelly roll arrived for the shop that it would make a great strip quilt too…so full of beautiful bold colors!

Batik Strips quilting

The quilting is simple echo 1/4″ inside the seams of every other strip.  I also quilted in the ditch on each side of the inside border and then about every 1″ all the way around the outside border.

Batik Strips border quilting

This simple quilting left it with a wonderfully snugly texture.

Batik Strips folded

I just LOVE the outside border and main backing fabric.  The quilt finished at roughly 58″ x 70″.  I didn’t have quite enough of the fabric to make the back all the same, but I kind of love the accent strip down the center.

Batik strips back

It matches the binding/inner border fabric and pulls it all together nicely.

Batik Strips back detail

So, are there any of these quilts in your closet just waiting to be bound and loved?  Please tell me I’m not alone!


9 thoughts on “Batik Strips {a finished quilt!}

  1. I had at least three quilts in that situation until just recently. I have one more that I finished quilting probably 3 years ago. I need to put a sort of scalloped binding on it, and I’m avoiding it. It’s a baby quilt. Now you know, my shame is larger than yours.

  2. Looks like you’re ready for cool fall nights but until then, it looks nice next to the pool. Maybe a book in the shade after a day in the sun? Very pretty. Doesn’t it feel good to finally get those things finished? I need to work on several and if I listed how long they have been “in process” it would make all of you feel better. 🙂

  3. You are not alone! I love your quilt. It is very soft and pieceful. I could see myself on the deck of a cottage by the beach on a slightly cool end of August day, sipping coffee and reading the paper in my pyjamas, curled up under this quilt. This would never actually happen in reality. Funny how different quilts evoke different feelings and mindsets, don’t you think? It was good of you to give this quilt some love… that is what it was waiting for!

  4. I checked out the video (from the link you posted) on making the jelly roll quilt. OMG! That just looks like so much fun! I’m going to have to do one or ten of these. Thank you for sharing. Your quilt is gorgeous. I love the fabric you used.

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