W.I.P. Wednesday {7.10.13}

Now that I have caught up (for a minute!) on the baby and wedding quilts, I was FINALLY able to put the last rows on my triangle quilt!!!

triangle quilt top

I can’t tell you how much I love this one.  The colors are my absolute favorite (as you can probably tell from some of my latest projects!!).  I’m still trying to decide how to quilt it.  I’d love to do some free motion for more practice, but with all of the fabrics being solid, it will certainly show any mistakes/imperfections in my quilting designs.  I might just have to do the standby of straight line quilting echoing the seams, or maybe just straight lines every 1/2″ to 1″ all the way down the quilt.  Any suggestions??

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35 thoughts on “W.I.P. Wednesday {7.10.13}

  1. I don’t have any quilting suggestions but this quilt makes me think of oceans and mountaintops. The colors are very relaxing. Makes me want to head to the beach. 🙂
    Your points look fabulous!

  2. This quilt caught my eye! I’ve been trying to do a triangle quilt and my points don’t match up! Do you have any tips?? It’s beautiful!! I agree w/the straight line quilting for sure…maybe cross-hatching?

  3. The mix of colors is perfect! I really adore this. I would do an “interesting” straight line quilting – maybe pick an angular path and then echo that in each direction?

  4. Triangle quilts are so fresh-looking and I love yours! I think it would look pretty sweet with straight line quilting or FMF. Follow your heart!

  5. Visiting you from WIP wednesday. I am wanting to do a triangle quilt and this caught my eye when I was looking at all the link up’s. Love your colour scheme. did you have any issues sewing the triangles together?

  6. I hand quilted inside of each triangle on my recent one, surprisingly it didn’t really take that many evenings. But I have seen the echo quilting that looked great, too.
    Sweet color palette!

  7. Omigosh, I love the colors, too!! I have a quilting suggestion for you. I hope that we know each other well enough through comments and IG that I can say this – but echoing the seamlines is boring! Ha, I know i do it too, but this lovely quilt deserves something special. Choose a triangle point on the quilt, doesn’t matter where – asymmetrical is very modern – and quilt in big “V” shapes to that point. Make additional v’s 1″ inside the first. Make 3 or 4 – some v’s will have two triangles in them. Does that make sense? It does in my head but I don’t know if I am explaining it very well. Check out this quilt from Katie Pedersen http://sewkatiedid.wordpress.com/2013/06/24/inspired/
    She did right angles but V’s would be cool on your quilt. Of course this is just an idea – it is your quilt and I am sure it will be awesome no matter what you do 🙂

  8. This is gorgeous! What a fun quilt! I wouldn’t worry too terribly much about any mistakes in your free-motion quilting because of the solids. After you wash it, and it crinkles up, you’ll see that it’s REALLY hard to find any errors. The times I’ve FMQ’d and had errors, I was sure I would be able to find the problems later, but I couldn’t. Do what feels good! This is a lovely quilt, special for YOU, so make it how YOU want! 🙂 You really can’t go wrong.

  9. Love love love the colours…. and your triangles look so sharp! I like Tessa’s suggestion – I did a spiral on a strip quilt and the contrast between the two shapes looked cool, I’m not suggesting that for yours, but I think a contrast to the triangles would look ace!

  10. This is just stunning! I love your colours! If it were me quilting it i’d take a row of three triangles and the one centered above to form a larger triangle made up of four triangles… with me so far? Then i’d quilt a quarter inch inside around that larger triangle. Then if i was feeling really ambitious, i’d do another triangle inside the one i just quilted… but only on a few here and there! Did that make sense? Regardless of how you quilt it, it’s still going to be amazing!

  11. I LOVE these colors!!! What a great quilt. I want to try one of these triangle quilts, soon. I think some straight line quilting that follows the seams would look really nice with this one. The piecing is so awesome and simpler design will add and not take away from it. Any tips or tricks to sewing these triangles?

  12. This is a fantastic quilt! I too thought of mountains and water, and it made me think that curvy, wavy horizontal lines would be my choice for the quilting design.

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