Swoon {a finished cushion!}

Ever since I made this Swoon wall hanging for my son’s kindergarten teacher last year, I have been itching to make myself a Swoon.  I don’t have time to make the bed quilt I’m dreaming of at the moment, but I did have time this weekend to make a new Swoon cushion for our living room!

 I used some of my most treasured fabrics from my stash including this awesome Posie fabric from Flea Market Fancy.  It is just the perfect shade of aqua and I happened to have the exact match in Aurifil thread…trust me, that never happens!  It is 50wt #2805 for those interested.

aurifil 2805

I also adore the orange print that I purchased at JoAnn’s by DS Quilts (Yes, that Denyse strikes again!)

I quilted it the same way I did on the wall hanging and love how it turned out!

Swoon cushion top quilting

I’ve also had a 24″ pillow form sitting under my sewing table forever, so now it is out being used!

Swoon cushion front

The scraps that were created from piecing the Swoon block turned into an adorable 8″ block that I pieced and put on the back.  I also stretched myself and put a zipper on this pillow using Alyssa’s tutorial that you can find here.  I’m so glad I challenged myself because it really wasn’t that difficult and the results are far better than the envelope style that would have been my other option.

Swoon cushion back

It didn’t take long for this cushion to be put into action.  As you can see, it is officially Ninja approved…

ninja approved

And Polly seems to think she should have her own turn to test it out…

Polly approved

The other fun thing that we did this weekend was spend a little time with family and do some fishing.


I love this photo below of my two boys during a wonderful father/son teaching moment.

fishing with dadaSo, how was your weekend?


21 thoughts on “Swoon {a finished cushion!}

  1. Wow, that is just gorgeous! What a great idea to make a pillow out of a swoon block. I especially love the quilting, and that it is ninja and Polly approved!

  2. Sounds like you had just about a perfect weekend with family, fun, quilting and fishing! Doesn’t get much better than that!

  3. I love the colors you picked out! I have made one swoon block and don’t know when or if I’ll get around to any others anytime soon. A pillow is a great idea to use that one block up.

  4. This pillow is gorgeous! And what a nice teacher gift last year too! I love the Swoon quilt and I have the whole kit for it but I keep putting other projects ahead of it because I feel it’s such a big time commitment to start it. But doing pillows is a great idea. I must do some for my house too! Soon! I like the fishing photos too.

  5. Hi Amanda! Love your pillow and the way you quilted it is lovely. Your photos of your little Ninja are pretty cute too 🙂

  6. Interesting, the way that adding the “points” at the corners, in the same color as the outer triangles in the center block, make the center block appear rounder. Color choice, contrast choice — so important!

  7. Love the quilting you did on this block! Great pillow ninja and dog approved…nothing tops that:) Just ordered some Aurifil to test out myself.

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