W.I.P. Wednesday {6.5.13}

Happy Wednesday!  I’ve been busy in my sewing room (when I’m not at the little league baseball diamonds that is :))

I have finished quilting and need to bind one of my recent baby quilts.  I will show you more of that soon.

I have also finished these 16 blocks and am ready to make them into a quilt top. 


I think my first block might still be my favorite!


I hope to have the top done in the next couple of days and the back ready to quilt this weekend.  It HAS to be done by next Saturday because I will be gifting it at a wedding shower!  Oh the pressure of sewing deadlines…maybe someday soon I can just sew for fun again.  Oh, who do I think I’m kidding…it’s always fun!

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4 thoughts on “W.I.P. Wednesday {6.5.13}

  1. Oh my goodness I am in love with those blocks. I sure hope you are going to do a tutorial. The person who gets the quilt is going to be blown away – it will be gorgeous!!

  2. These look pretty just laying on top of one another. I can’t wait to see them put together. Love the fabrics and pattern.

  3. These blocks are looking great! You better get to it:) I do love quilting, but maybe not under pressure….although it does make me more productive!
    Love your blog, following on bloglovin’ and FB.

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