Quilts for Oklahoma

Like most of you my heart has been aching for those effected by the deadly tornado in Moore, Oklahoma.  Our natural instinct is to want to help in any way possible.  I wanted to share one way that you may be able to help. 

The Oklahoma City Modern Quilt Guild has posted the following on their blog and are collecting finished quilts to donate to the families who have lost everything.  I may not have much money to donate, but I certainly can donate a quilt or two.

The information below is copied from www.okcmqg.com

Thank you to everyone who has offered their help and have been so patient with us as we try to devise a plan.  Many wonderful ideas were sent to us, our guild members had many fabulous thoughts, and we discussed them all at our meeting last night.

We know you want something tangible to go to the victims of these horrific tornadoes.  We have had many offers of completed quilts, and due to limited man power on our end, we have decided to ask everyone to send completed quilts to our guild rather than blocks.  It could be a quilt you have waiting for a good home, a new one you want to make special just for someone in need, it can be modern, traditional, any size, any colors, made by an individual or a group.  You send us your completed quilts and we will get them to those in need.

Quilts will be due to the OKC Modern Quilt Guild by June 30th.  If you e-mail us at okcmqg@gmail.com we will get an address to you.

Our guild will also be creating two quilts to raise money for two charities in the form of a drawing, as money is a big need for that area right now.  That post should go up about mid June so please stay on the lookout for that one!

Thank you for your outpouring of support, love, positive thoughts, prayers… and quilts!

Please continue to pray for the people of Oklahoma as they try to recover. 


2 thoughts on “Quilts for Oklahoma

  1. Thank you for sharing this opportunity with us. It combines our passion for fabric and quilting with a passion for helping people.

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