Disappearing Four Patch {a tutorial}


After showing my latest baby quilt top, some of you asked how to make the disappearing four patch blocks.  So I decided to create a little tutorial.  My version uses 5″ squares, so it works great with charm packs!

Select 2 print 5″ squares and 2 background 5″ squares and piece into a four patch block as shown below.  Press seams away from the background fabric in each pair and then press to one side after piecing all four together.

four patch

Now, measure 1″ on either side of the center seams and cut.  You will then end up with nine separate block pieces as shown below.

cut four patch

Next, you will swap the top row/center piece with the middle row/left piece.  You will also swap the middle row/right piece with the bottom row/center piece.  Lastly you will rotate the middle row/center piece 180 degrees.  The result will look like the photo below.


Sew the pieces back together and you end up with this cute little block that finishes at 8″!

finished block

I just love the tiny little four patch it creates in the center of each block 🙂

I hope this helps for those of you who were asking.  Please let me know if you have any questions.


24 thoughts on “Disappearing Four Patch {a tutorial}

  1. Wow! Thanks for making that so easy. I’ve done a Disappearing 9 Patch before, so I thought there had to be a “trick” but I couldn’t quite wrap my mind around how it was done. Thank you!! This will definitely be going into my list of “must-do” patterns.

  2. If you used larger size squares, would you still measure one inch from the center, or would you use a correspondingly larger measurement for more balance? I know I can experiment to see what looks best, but I’ll be happy to learn from your experience if you have made Disappearing 4 Patches with larger blocks. Thanks for the tutorial, which is very clear.

  3. Is there a ‘calculation’ to use that helps determine block size? For example, if I use 5″ squares, what size will each block be, same for 8″, 10″, etc?

  4. My question is on the ironing. I have been trying to nestle the seams but there is always one that doesn’t turn out to go the right way.

  5. Thank you so much!
    I was wracking my brain on how to get that woven look on this pattern. No other tutorial has helped me more than this. ✨

  6. Thank you so much for sharing this pattern. It is quick, easy but makes up beautifully. Makes you look like you have spent hours piecing…I have tried it with several different fabrics and everyone turned out perfectly.

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