I made a pin cushion!

Happy Friday all! It’s been a rough week in the U.S. and I pray for all those in Boston and in West, Texas as they try to recover from the tragic events.

In hopes to take your mind off of that for a minute, I would like to show you a cute pin cushion I made with scraps from my Moda Bake Shop Turn on The Charm Placemats.20130419-171848.jpg

I think these little daisy prints are just adorable! 


And of course my flower head pins love their new cushion 🙂


I took a little poll of my followers on Instagram to see what they used as filler for their pin cushions.  It seems most use crushed walnut shells, but some have had issues with the shells dulling their needles and pins.  Someone else suggested bird gravel instead because it can actually sharpen the needles.  I chose that (bought it at the local pet store) and it seems to work great so far.


So, what is your favorite stuffing for pin cushions?

Linking up with Amanda Jean at Crazy Mom Quilts.


8 thoughts on “I made a pin cushion!

  1. I just started using the crushed walnut shells, so I can’t tell you if they have dulled my pins yet. But I do like to mix it with cotton stuffing. It fills out the corners, and make the pincushion a little lighter.

  2. I’m such a fan of pincushions, and yours is absolutely adorable! I love that it uses the same prints in several colorways – great job! I just use polyfil in my pincushions, but am kind of intrigued by this question, too. Steel wool sounds like a good idea that could be added in along with polyfil…I might try that!

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