Quilt Guild Nametag {finished!}

I was able to spend some quality time doing a little hand stitching this week while my son read me a few books.  🙂  I love listening to him read and change his voice with each new character, it makes this Mommy’s heart overflow.

Of course since I’ve only embroidered one other time, and don’t really know what I’m doing…I ended up removing the stitches I had in for my name the first time.  This certainly isn’t perfect, but at least you can read my name.  😉

nametag on

These photos are from my iphone and don’t accurately portray the colors (the star points aren’t really blue, but more of a dark turquoise).


So, that’s one thing off the list!  I hope to start another baby quilt this weekend and soon mark another off the list.

Linking up with Amanda Jean at Crazy Mom Quilts and Allison for TGIFF this week.

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8 thoughts on “Quilt Guild Nametag {finished!}

  1. It’s lovely. I always think you learn just as much by unpicking something as you do getting it right the first time… it makes you much more intent on not having to unpick it a second time :o)

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