I’m still pinching myself…

I still find it a little bit hard to believe, but this weekend my mother and I purchased a longarm together!ย  It is a used machine that we bought from a friend and we will be keeping it in my basement (because that is the only room that would hold this beast!).ย  We have to give a huge thanks to my husband, step-dad and father-in-law for moving this thing across town and putting it back together.ย  Not an easy task, but they did a great job.

Now comes the fun part…trying to figure this thing out and getting lots of practice!ย  The first practice piece we have on the machine above is a flannel panel quilt that has a very busy pattern (so our novice stitches won’t really matter ;-))

If I’m not posting for awhile, I think now you’ll know why…I’m quilting!

I hope you have a great week and don’t forget to get out and vote today.

4 thoughts on “I’m still pinching myself…

  1. We’ll be pinching more than ourselves for a while…pennies! Thanks, Donna for making it possible for us to own a long-arm together and for your help already! We’re anxious to get going full-steam ahead on it.

  2. Nice! Even though I’m a beginner I have perused a few of the long arm machines even though I haven’t mastered quilting with my regular machine yet.

    Have fun!

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