I’m A Material Girl {Giveaway}…

I finished my Material Girl pillow!  Although this is my first ever embroidery project, I’m pretty pleased with how it turned it.  Of course that probably has more to do with the design than my stitching 🙂

Here it is in my comfy snuggling chair that is in my sewing room. 

One of these days I hope to find a slip cover to fit this chair, but until then I will just have a lot of patterns in this corner!

I quilted in the ditch around the embroidery block and then echo quilted a little over 1/2″ in the first border and then every 1/4″ in the outside border.  That quilting with the dot fabric might make you dizzy if you’re not careful!

I found the embroidery pattern at my local Joann store.  It was in a pack with a number of other very cute sewing designs.  There are some others that I really liked in the pattern, but I wanted this one to be a focal point in my sewing room.

Now, onto the good part for you guys!  This week I am sponsoring a giveaway as part of the Let’s Get Acquainted Blog Hop.  You can enter to win a Happy H”owl”-o-ween layer cake by Deb Strain.

So, head over to read the post by Beth of Plum and June and her guest, Faith of Fresh Lemons Quilts {she’s amazing by the way!} and enter to win the giveaway.  Good Luck 🙂

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I hope you all have a wonderul week!

13 thoughts on “I’m A Material Girl {Giveaway}…

  1. I SOO love this Amanda. I have fallen in love with embroidery and am working on some patterns, I definitely would like to make my logo as well in fact I started it a while ago just need to finish it!

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