I couldn’t help it…they were calling my name!!!

My mother and I planned a little trip to see our cousin who was in town teaching a watercolor paint class.  The class was being held at an awesome quilt shop in Noblesville, Indiana called Always in Stitches.  If you live in the area you really must visit this shop.  They have gorgeous fabrics for quilters and sewers, beautiful yarns for knitting and crochet, supplies for cross stitch and they even sell machines!  There was a group of cross-stitchers there that night who seemed to be having a ball 🙂

I, of course hadn’t planned to buy anything, I was just there to visit with my cousin and mom…but then I saw these…

It was like summer sitting right there on the shelf!  These fabrics remind me of the warmer weather I’m longing for.  They are from Dear Stella’s “Yard Sale” collection.  How could I resist these yummy hues?  I have no idea what I will be doing with them yet, but that didn’t stop me from bringing them home.

One other thing that was LITERALLY calling my name is this adorable little sign that says “Material Girl”…it was perfection!  So, now you know that I really had no choice in the matter 😉

It was great to see family and spend time with the ladies of Always in Stitches.  It’s a good thing their shop is an hour away from home, or it could really be dangerous.

Stay tuned to see what comes of this fun fabric, but I have a couple of other projects that MUST get done first and I promise to share those as well.


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